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The priory seal

In 1962 a magnificent 14thc, seal of the virgin and child, marked with effigy of Dame Aynor de Niel, a nun of Notre Dame-without-the-wall at Saintes, was discovered close to the vineyard.

While the precise reason for the nun's presence on the island of Vix is unknown, it is perhaps reasonable to infer that English occupation during the hundred years war led the Abbess of Saintes to send Dame Aynor to Vix to oversee her lands and protect her interests.

In the 17thc, there is evidence of two priories on the seigneury, but the belief that one of these was located on the Domaine is only based on oral tradition. Nevertheless, these conjectures have given the domain its identity, its emblem: the seal of Dame Aynor of Niel.

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