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Prayer and Aphorisms

"To postulate that only an old vine can produce good wine, it is like pretending that senior's experience and wisdom would be preferred to young man talent and vigor."

"Wine is a cultural invention which nourishes both body and soul. Like all cultural disciplines, it calls for passion, humility and spirit of perfectionism. We are willing to live and share this conviction."

" To produce a wine with character is an individual act, which requires isolation, commitment to excellence and uniqueness. Educated and demanding consumer is our sole judge. In opposition to industrial wine which permanently leads to comparison and imitation. This type of wine needs developed collective cooperation from production to distribution to meet a passive consumer."

"Produce wine is an act of artistic creation. As such, wine makers are artists and we should invent multi sensorial art galleries to exhibited their pieces of work".

"If good wine maker got two false friends, it should be administration and wine growing corporatism. His sole fear is that these two get along."

"if on hearth there are more vegetal and animal species to be discovered than already discovered species, then there should be more good terroirs to be discovered to plant vine."

"a wine with character need to respect authenticity of its terroir. Let's trust mother nature, she should pay us back"

" wines with good ageing potential can be compared to love desire: the more we wait, the better it is. When good time come, they should be the promise to be revealed. So they should not disappoint consumers."

"indigene wine maker: winemaker with the very pioneer meaning from our societies, who dedicates its knowledge to non industrial vine and vine culture. He is willing to break up with logics of standardization and stands against protectionism and prohibitionism."

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