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Our terroir

Located in South Vendée, the vineyard is in fact the southernmost vineyard of the Loire Valley, equidistant from the Loire and the Medoc.

Terroir geology of La Chaume is composed of thickly bedded marly limestone layers from Middle Jurassic era. We use limestone term as rock is rich in calcium carbonate but also marly because clay joint can be observed on hard sandbank interstices.

Physical environment (south oriented slopes, agronomic potentiality, natural drainage) comes out in favor of quality winemaking. As such precocity of the terroir is arisen, fruit/leaf balance and vigor help preserving a good sanitary status and fully ripen conditions. Finally soil and bedrock properties encourage roots development in both surface and sub-surface (see graph attached)

It is one of rare vineyard terroirs in Vendée area with calcareous geological features and soils. On varietal choice point of view, terroir should allow late blossoming varietals with long vegetative cycle. Finally on vine water supply point of view, soil and sub soil qualities offer a continued and moderated feeding of the root system. In other words, soil can regulate water according to vine needs and precipitation quantities.

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